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OSB (Oriented Strand Board) is an engineered wood product formed by layering strands (flakes) of wood in specific orientations. The finished product has similar properties to plywood, but is uniform and cheaper. It has replaced plywood in many areas. The most common uses are as sheathing in walls, floors, and roofs. OSB is provided in 4×8 foot panels and is stocked in various widths. OSB is not recommended for exterior use.

Plywood is a type of manufactured wood made from thin sheets of wood. Plywood is used instead of plain wood because of its resistance to cracking, shrinkage, and twisting/warping, and its general high degree of strength. Plywood is used in many applications that need high-strength sheet material. Plywood is provided in 4×8 foot panels and is stocked in various widths and grades. Both interior and exterior products are available as well as treated products.
Advantech is the brand name of several specialized engineered wood products that are used for flooring, sheathing and rim board. These products are highly moisture resistant and provide outstanding strength and stiffness. They are also backed by industry leading 50-year limited warranties.

Ken’s Discount Building Materials Panel and Sheathing products include:

Masonite Panels
Plywood Clips

Pick up your panel and sheathing products at the store or utilize our Delivery Service to have your purchase delivered to your jobsite or home.

Looking for a specific product that you can’t find in our store? Ask our knowledgeable staff about our huge variety of products that can be special ordered.

Have any questions about what panel will work best for your project? Call or come visit with the experts at Ken’s Discount Building Materials for advice.

To find more information about our panels and plywood products , click on the links for our suppliers below:


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