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A poorly insulated home can cost you more than you think, and insulation can be an excellent investment to reduce the cost of heating and cooling your home. Ken’s Discount Building Materials offers many products to insulate every area. Whether you are constructing a new home or want to improve the energy efficiency of your existing home, our quality products will make a difference.
Moisture can be one of the greatest enemies of a home, and the source of moisture can come from inside or outside. Excessive moisture can cause mold, rot and a host of other problems. Housewrap is an important component of a new home in that it can prevent moisture from entering from the outside, but can also pass moisture from the inside to the outside.

Some of our insulation products include:

Fiberglass Batts and Rolls
Cellulose Blown in Insulation
Fiberglass Blown in Insulation
Styrofoam Sheets
House Wrap
Insulation Blower Free Use

Schedule a visit with our knowledgeable staff today to help you decide on the best insulations and wraps for your home.

Looking for a specific product that you can’t find in our store? Ask our knowledgeable staff about our huge variety of products that can be special ordered.

Have any questions about your insulating project? Call or come visit with the experts at Ken’s Discount Building Materials for advice.

To find more information about insulation, click on the links for our suppliers below.

<strong><a href="">Central Fiber</a></strong>
Taking the cellulose fibers locked inside materials headed for landfills, and allowing them to be repurposed in new products — that's the essence of our business at Central Fiber.
<strong><a href="">LP Building Products</a></strong>
CertainTeed Corporation is a leading North American manufacturer of building materials including roofing, vinyl and fiber cement siding, trim, fence, railing, decking, foundations, insulation, gypsum, ceilings, and pipe products.

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