Paint Removal with Steamer

Are layers of old paint on top of wood giving you a difficult time?  Traditional sanding methods can be difficult and very time consuming.  One way the job can be completed easier is with Steam. Steam works to remove the paint by softening it with the heat and adding moisture to the wood, both helping to life the paint. A great benefit to removing paint from wood is the reduction of dust particles in the air.  Old paint can contain lead and using steam to remove the paint helps to minimize lead in the air of your home.

This is an moderately easy project that anyone can do in their own home.
Cost for total Project?
Steamer Rental: $24 per day
Paint Removal tool (puddy knife or painters 5-in-1 tool): $4
Gloves: $5
Total: $34


Things You’ll Need:

* Steamer Rent one from us at The Rental Center or purchase a wallpaper steamer with us in the Paint Department.  Ask us for a quick demonstration before you leave the store.

* Putty knife/Painters 5-in-one Tool – both available for purchase in the Paint and Hand Tools Departments* Gloves - available for purchase in the Hand Tools departments

Step By Step Process
1. Fill your steamer with water.  Let the steamer heat up until steam begins to come out.

2. Lay the head of the steamer on the paint and hold it there for 30 seconds to one minute. The heat from the steamer and the moisture will work to soften the paint and peel it from the wood. Press firmly to make sure the steam is penetrating the paint.
3. Move the steamer head aside and use the putty knife to check for softness. If the paint peels easily, the area is ready. If the paint does not come up easily, keep the steamer in place for a bit longer.
4. Work your putty knife under the paint. Holding the knife at a 45-degree angle, push the paint up and off the wood in a single strip. The paint should not come off in small pieces. Paint coming off in small pieces means the steamer isn’t hot enough or you haven’t left it on the paint for long enough.
5. Move the steamer to an adjacent spot and repeat the process. Work in a methodical way, making sure to get all of the paint off of a spot before you move to the next area

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